Chain of Custody Saliva collection kit

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Quantisal™ is a superior collection device material/design and the stabilizing buffer ensures a high level of recovery of drug samples at the toxicology laboratory. It also offers a broad menu of testing for illicit and prescription drugs

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Product Description

The Quantisal Oral Fluid Collection Kit is used when the donors initial oral fluid screen returns a non-negative result. This confirmation kit does not test the donors sample, rather it preserves it. The preserved samples sealed with the tamper proof seals is then placed in the bio hazard bag which is also tamper proof sealed and then sent to the toxicology laboratory so the chain of custody is not negotiated!

The two Collection pads are used to collect the oral fluid with an easy seal mouthpiece to assist sample collection.  They have an indicator that changes colour once sufficient fluid has been collected. The pad is then inserted into the tube containing a saline solution.

Each Quantisal Oral Fluid Collection Kit contains.

  • 2x Quantisal specimen tubes and collection pads  for providing an A & B Sample
  • Tamperproof specimen bag
  • Three Security Seals – two to seal the specimen tubes, one to seal the transport bag. Each set of three seals uses a unique number for ease of tracking.