What drugs can a urine drug test find and how long does it take?

Urine testing in the workplace provides is fast and cost-effective method to assist in potentially identifying drugs of abuse.

Urine drug tests can detect a variety of drugs including cocaine, opioids, amphetamine, methamphetamine and benzodiazepine. The SureStep Cup, sold by Drug Test Australia, is not only easy to use and read, but is also a cost-effective way to support a workplace testing program. Performing a urine test using a device such as the SureStep Cup will typically provide a result within 5 minutes.

Why drug test in the workplace?

Drug use at the workplace is a major safety hazard and can have significant implications on a workforce’s productivity. By identifying a potential problem, employers are being proactive in working towards ensuring they operate a safe workplace and workforce. Urine drug testing with products such as SureStep Cup are being used more and more frequently by companies who are safety focused.

Companies of all sizes are looking to keep production value on the rise, and most importantly preventing any potential work-related accidents that can be caused by drug use. It is estimated that Australian workplaces suffer a loss of productivity of $6 billion dollars annually due to accidents and absenteeism resulting from drugs and alcohol. Implementing workplace drug testing is a step towards addressing this significant cost burden.

How to carry out urine drug testing

The Surestep cup is simple to use and administer only requiring 3 steps – collection, insert the key and read the results. In addition, the device comes with in built temperature and adulterant indication strips to assist in identifying potential tampering or dilution. They also have a long shelf life when stored between 2° – 30° which means they are great for larger companies who may need to keep stock for random drug testing. The Surestep Cup is configured to test for the drug types and levels as outlined in the Australia Standards, making it the device of choice for many businesses.

Urine drug test kits

Safety is the most important thing to maintain in the workplace, and though it can sometimes be unpleasant to have to impose drug testing on employees it is also a good way to show dedication to the livelihood of employees by ensuring that their safety is at the top of the list. Drug Test Australia is a trusted brand that will provide products that you can trust. The SureStep Cup is safe, easy to use and cost-effective device to assist workplaces with their drug testing program from random, post-incident, return-to-work or pre-employment drug testing.