Advantages of Urine Drug Testing

Urine drug testing in the workplace can assist employees potentially identify current usage of drugs of abuse. It is suitable to use as part of an employees pre-employment requirements through to post incident or random screening of staff. Urine testing is a fast and cost effective method that can form part of an organisations health safety policies and procedures with a focus on safety for workers and the community in general.

Products for urine drug testing

MicroScreen 2 Cup, sold by Drug Test Australia, is not only easy to use and read but is also a safe and hygienic method for drug testing. The Microscreen 2 Cup tests for cannabis, cocaine, opioids, amphetamine, methamphetamine and benzodiazepines. Results are delivered typically within 5 minutes, indicating a preliminary results of negative or positive/non-negative or invalid. Preliminary positive/non-negative results should be sent to a laboratory for confirmation analysis. We also supply the chain of custody urine kit to enable you to send the non-negative result to pathology. 

Microscreen 2 urine cup, Drug Test urine cup
Inbuilt temperature verification and adulterant indication strips. Results within 5 minutes.

Urine drug testing with products such as the MicroScreen 2 Cups are being used more and more frequently by companies who are looking to create safer work environments. A safe work environment translates into a reduction in any potential accidents and injuries resulting in decrease in downtime and better productivity for the organisation. Currently workplace accidents and absenteeism due to drugs and alcohol has been estimated to cost Australian businesses approximately $6 billion annually in lost productivity. Introducing a drug and alcohol testing program is simple step in potentially arresting lost productivity and creating a safer workplace for all.

How does urine drug testing work?

The MicroScreen 2 Cup complies with all of the requirements for accuracy, reliability and conformance to user standards. They are simple to read and have built in indicators to test for potential tampering or dilution (adulteration) of the sample being tested. Initially, employees provide a specimen and the cup is provided to the technician to replace on the test lid which starts the process to measure whether there is the presence of metabolites of the drugs being tested. The technician checks for evidence on any tampering or dilution and after approximately 5 minutes reads the indicator lines on the cup to determine the outcome of the test.

How much do urine drug test kits cost?

Drug Test Australia sells the MicroScreen 2 Cup for a current sale price of $12.50 each plus tax a minimum purchase of 25 units is required. With a long shelf life bulk ordering assists in ensuring testers have access to stock when needed.

Safety is the most important thing to maintain in the workplace, and though it can sometimes be unpleasant to have to impose drug testing on employees it is also a good way to show dedication to the livelihood of employees by ensuring that their safety is at the top of the list. Drug Test Australia is a recognised brand that will provide products that you can trust. The MicroScreen 2 Cup drug test is safe and easy to use as part of any businesses urine drug testing program.